Japan Qualityの結晶 日本のステンレス加工職人が作るとコーヒードリッパースタンドはこうなる。5つのWhy

1.Why? Why does NPS offer stainless steel Coffee Dripper Stands that are made exclusively in Japan?

All NPS® Coffee Dripper Stands are exclusively made at our original factory in Japan. Our strict stands ensure craftmanship of and endeavor to keep these high standards for all products, made in Japan. These products are especially for baristas, who have a wealth of knowledge and professional skills in making coffee.

Our equipment is intended to endure heavy daily use. Even in such a situation, we would like you to use our stands as much as possible, as they are made with selected materials following a strict manufacturing process, after which they are clearned, finished and packed under the control of our original system at the NPS factory in Japan.

Of course we guarantee high quality of every product we make and prmise to ship products promptly. We also manufacture stands of custom length and repair stands as well.


There are 20 sizes of Dripper Stands. The stainless steel Dripper Stand is for professional Baristas, so there is a wide variety of sizes to choose from. We want our Stands to perform perfectly, to the exacting standards of Baristas around the world. As professionals carefully craft each cup of coffee for their customers, NPS® also custom crafts Dripper Stands for each of its customers.

In addition to our range of 20 existing sizes of Dripper Stands, NPS can custom manufacture dripper stands in any length, width or height. Please notify us if you need a custom size.


Products made by professionals must be durable. NPS® uses the same type of high quality stainless steel used for tableware, such as forks, spoons and knives. Under normal usage, the Dripper Stand is highly resistant to rust. The Stand can also be easily cleaned in high-temperature washing machines (after removing the rubber feet) and is highly resistant to transmission of harmful bacteria.

Unlike painted wood, steel or aluminum, the natural finish of stainless steel is extremely durable, so there is no need to worry about chipping or rust which may adversely affect the quality of coffee. Under proper use, the Dripper Stand will provide many years of service, and being made of 100% stainless steel, the Dripper Stand can be easily serviced, should it suffer any damage.


There are 3 ways in which the NPS® Coffee Dripper Stand's 2-bar design is highly efficient:

1- It allows more freedom for Baristas to maneuver and reposition drippers to ensure the best possible tasting coffee.

2- Different from "hole-type" drippers, the 2-bar design minimizes contact with drippers, maintaining proper temperature when making coffee.

3- The spacious, 2-bar design allows easy confirmation of water and coffee level.


The square-shaped bar design offers more stability than round bar designs, as well as being more resistant to bending and twisting. This makes it possible to manufacture bars of longer lengths. This design costs more to manufacture than round bars, however, NPS® believes that this design offers a better quality product that will last for years.