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These are NPS® Coffee Dripper Stands (with Tray and without Tray ), made of stainless steel. You can select size, Length and Height.

I tried to use the NPS Coffee Dripper Stands. [Review]
《WEB》Fa Coffee
The web site of Fa Coffee Co.,LTD. featured our NPS® Coffee Dripper Stand.

A dripper stand is great! That is popular item these days!
This is Re:CENO, our distributer. They are interior furnishings shop. They have two shops in Tokyo and Kyoto, and their online shop. NPS® stands have focused in their web magazin.

Let's make coffee at home like a professional barista. We can get a professional's Coffee Dripper Stand made of stainless steel.
《MAGAZINE》Taiseisha・珈琲時間 May 2015
《MAGAZINE》Taiseisha・珈琲時間 November 2015